Summer School for Ancient Building Techniques 2018

Ancient building techniques will be practiced by continuing the construction of a log house that was started in 2017. The main focus will be on the upper part of the walls and the roof. Additionally, logs will be barked, a doorway will be cut into the walls, and several doors will be built to the already existing buildings such as the smithy and the barn.

The construction will take place using only hand tools: an axe, a hand brace, a drawknife, a knife, and a chisel. Techniques such as measuring and cutting corner joints and long grooves in the logs, and splitting logs will be practiced. An iron smelting experiment will also take place.

Other activities such as cooking, javelin throwing, basic smithing and tin casting will also be practiced as secondary activities.



09.07.2018 - Arrival at Rõuge, excursions at the ancient farm and the hill fort, preparations for construction

10.07.2018 to 20.07.2018 - building the log house with ancient techniques

21.07.2018 - Ancient Day in Rõuge. A public event for popularising archaeology

22.07.2018 - Conservation of the Farm for the off-season time and departure



The participant will pay 10 euros per every full day spent at the summer school for food and accommodation. The food and accommodation fee is voluntary if the participant wishes to provision him- or herself (shops nearby). Accommodation is according to the preference of the participant: in the Rõuge Community house (on the floor space; toilet and shower available in the house) or in the ancient farm (bench/floor in the main building or in the barn; bedding hay provided). Personal sleeping gear is necessary in both cases.

For registration send an email to: specifying the dates of participation.

Students from the University of Tartu can participate in the course of “Practical Training in Ancient Techniques” (HVAJ.01.004) to receive 3 ECTS. For people outside of the University, it is possible to get 3 ECTS and an official certificate from the University of Tartu, if you participate at the summer school for at least 5 days. The last option is voluntary and costs an extra 50 euros.

Second Rõuge Ancient Day takes place on 21 July 2018