Second Rõuge Ancient Day takes place on 21 July 2018

On the verge of the pristine Ööbikuorg (‘Nightingale Valley’) at Rõuge, Estonia, the Viking Age farmstead is celebrating its second theme day dedicated to ancient lifeways and experimental archaeology.


There will be lots to see, do and hear including:

  • workshops for ancient handicrafts
  • Viking-style combating
  • tours to the Viking hillfort and farm household
  • a performance by the folk music ensemble Sirgutii

The activities will be led by archaeologists, craftsmen and other specialists.

Craftworkers from both Estonia and neighbouring countries will be selling their Viking-inspired crafts and designs.

We’re excited to welcome everyone with an interest in ancient customs and lifestyle so come along with your friends and family!

More details coming in May.

A small participation fee is charged for the workshops.

To learn more about our past activities, check out our website or find us on Facebook:

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